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Just out: “SDGs & Sustainability Report 2022-2023” with contributions from SPSF Professors and students

Sophia University published SDGs & Sustainability Report focusing on our efforts in AY2022-2023.

Contributors from SPSF are,
– Maria Manzon, “SACRU and Sophia”, p.6
– Taku TOGAWA, “Research on Factors that Promote Healthy Eating Behaviors”, p.61
– Hideki MARUYAMA, “Translating UNESCO ‘Futures of Education'”, p.64
– Jun IMAI, “Research on Employment Relations and Social Inequality”, P.82
– Carola HOMMERICH, “Seminar in Sustainable Societies”, p.84

A student of SPSF, Department of Sociology, Ms Poonyaporn Suthamporn left a editor’s note.
This marks the third sustainability report released by the Office of Sophia
Sustainability Promotion and I am delighted to see that each year the level of
SDGs awareness and initiatives of the university as well as student body has
become more diverse and vigorous. We hope this reports offers a glimpse
into the evolving sustainability ecosystem here at Sophia University. I am
enthusiastic about the prospective sustainable impact that Sophia University is
poised to make within its campuses and beyond.