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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) received by SPSF professors in AY2023

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI), implemented by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, is a competitive research fund aimed at promoting all types of academic research. Its social impact is strong, and the large number of selected projects reflects the high level of research capabilities of the universities.

The database of KAKENHI can be accessed here.

Eighteen Professors from SPSF, twenty-one projects have been adopted for KAKENHI in AY2023. As SPSF is the course consisting of multiple faculties, you can see a wide range of research themes.

NameProject Title
Faculty of Economics
HIGUCHI, YukiEmpirical study on capacity building of governments in developing countries using social experiments and administrative data
HORIE, Tetsuya  農家への高精度な気象・作物生育予測情報技術導入の普及策と農家の参入退出と経済厚生
NAKAMURA, Sayaka  Empirical study on health habits: policy effects, regional variation, and transition process
Empirical study on the effects of business cycle and health policies on health habits
SCHLEGL, MatthiasInequality dynamics, underemployment, and secular stagnation
Faculty of Education
AIZAWA, Shinichi  A Historical Analysis of the Formation of Social Stratification in the Structure of the Ruling Class in Modern and Contemporary Japan: Focusing on Succession and Reproduction
The Structural and Dynamic Effects on Social Networks of the School-to-Work Transition in the Era of Globalization
KOMATSU, TaroPeace education in conflict-affected societies: analysis of global trends and issues through program mapping and case studies
SAWADA, MinoruThe theoretical and practical study on the “boundary-crossing” nature of school education for social jusitice
SUGIMURA, MikiInternational Collaboration Research on Visualization of Learning Outcome in Higher Education
UENO, Masamichiシティズンシップと公共性のための民主的教育-学校コミュニティの形成-
Faculty of Global Studies
KOBAYASHI, AyakoThe Peace Dividend: A Conflict Analysis after a Decade of the Independence of South Sudan
MARUYAMA, HidekiDeveloping and Evaluating “Deep ESD” in Higher Education
Faculty of Journalism
ABE, Ruriイギリス・メディアにおけるダイバーシティ:ムスリムの視点からの批判的検討
KUNIEDA, TomokiPublic Affairs Training and Practice by the US Military in the Information Society
Faculty of Management
KAPTURKIEWICZ, AgataA comparative analysis of evolving models of work and careers in entrepreneurial ecosystem
TOGAWA, TakuA Study on Building Brand Trust Through Visual Communication
Faculty of Sociology
HOMMERICH, CarolaUnderstanding Attitudes Towards Wealth Inequality: The Role of Normative Ideas of Justice and Fairness
HOSOKI, Ralph IttonenThe State Interest and International Norm Dialectic: A Cross-National Empirical Analysis of the Advent of an Opportunistic Humanitarian Protections Regime for Refuge Seekers
IMAI, Jun越境する労働市場の形成-アジアにおける人材業者の役割についての経済社会学的研究