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Professors’ Information

Sophia University / SPSF

AIZAWA, Shinichi
AIZAWA, Shinichi
  • Field
    Sociology of Education
  • Job title

    Associate Professor

    B.A. (Policy Management), Keio University

    M.A., (Education), Ph.D. (Education), The University of Tokyo

  • Message to Prospective Students

    I study sociology of education. This is a combined field of sociology and educational studies. Sociological imagination to education must be important in the contemporary world, which is very changeable. I would like to share with you this idea in my class. I’m really looking forward to meeting you on campus. I sincerely hope your campus life is very satisfying.

  • Research Interests and Teaching Areas

    Sociology of Education

  • Selected Works

    ・AIZAWA, Shinichi; KAGAWA, Mei; RAPPLEYE, Jeremy (ed.). High School for All in East Asia: Comparing Experiences. Routledge, 2019.

    ・AIZAWA, Shinichi. Comparative sociological analysis of ability and examinations in post-manufacturing societies from interview surveys in the United Kingdom and Japan. In: Comparative Sociology of Examinations. Routledge, 2019. p. 152-167.

    ・AIZAWA, Shinichi. Universal Participation in School Education as a Historical Process in Modern Japan. In: Japanese Education in a Global Age. Springer, Singapore, 2018. p. 35-52.

    ・AIZAWA, Shinichi. A comparative sociological study of Japanese and Taiwanese upper secondary education. Educational Studies in Japan, 2016, 10: 33-48.

    ・AIZAWA, Shinichi; ISO, Naoki. The principle of differentiation in Japanese society and international knowledge transfer between Bourdieu and Japan. Anthem companion to Pierre Bourdieu, 2016, 179-200.