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Professors’ Information

Sophia University / SPSF

  • Field
    Health Economics, Applied Microeconometrics
  • Job title


    BA in Economics (International Christian University)

    MA in Economics (The University of Tokyo)

    Ph.D. (Economics) (Northwestern University)

  • Message to Prospective Students

    We expect our students to have basic knowledge of high-school level math, including calculus and basic probability theory, because they are essential for studying economics. At the same time, economics is not just about math. It is not just about money, either. Economists study various social issues and evaluate the effects of policies. For instance, I am studying and how school lunch affects junior high students’ body weight, and it is economics, too!

  • Research Interests and Teaching Areas

    Health Economics, Applied Micro-econometrics

  • Selected Works

    ・“Why Are Women Slimmer Than Men in Developed Countries?” with Shiko Maruyama, Economics & Human Biology, 30, 1-13, September 2018.

    ・“Determinants of Contraceptive Choice among Japanese Women: Ten Years after the Pill Approval.” Review of Economics of the Household, 14(3), 553-575, September 2016.

    ・“The Decline in BMI among Japanese Women after World War II,” with Shiko Maruyama, Economics & Human Biology, 18: 125-138, July 2015.

    ・“Reciprocity in the Formation of Intergenerational Coresidence,” with Meliyanni Johar and Shiko Maruyama, Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 36(2): 192-209, June 2015.

    ・“Parental Income and Child Health in Japan,” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 32: 42–55, June 2014.

  • Personal Works