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Professors’ Information

Sophia University / SPSF

SAWADA, Minoru
SAWADA, Minoru
  • Field
    Curriculum and Instruction
  • Job title


    B.A. (Education), M.A (International Development)., Nagoya University

  • Message to Prospective Students

    I would like to consider and discuss with you both the theoretical and practical aspects of curriculum and instruction. In so doing, our key concepts would be competency, inclusion, and democracy.

  • Research Interests and Teaching Areas

    Curriculum and Instruction.

  • Selected Works

    ・Minoru Sawada, “On the Theory and Practice of Critical Pedagogy in the Global Era: A logic of educational practices for social minorities in late modern society” [in Japanese], The Journal of Educational Sociology 98(0), 29-50, 2016