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Professors’ Information

Sophia University / SPSF

UENO, Masamichi
UENO, Masamichi
  • Field
    Educational Theory and Schooling, Philosophy of Education
  • Job title


    B.A. (Education), Sophia University

    M.A., (Education), Ph.D. (Education), The University of Tokyo

  • Message to Prospective Students

    Welcome to SPSF, Sophia University. My research focuses on educational theory and schooling and philosophy of education. Specifically, I am involved in educational research on school reform, learning, art, citizenship, and democracy in terms of connecting educational theories with practices. I used to discuss these topics based on the American philosophy of education, but currently, my interests extended to include the comparison of education in Europe and East Asia. In the SPSF course, we will study current educational issues by considering the theories and practices of education, learning, and schooling. I am very excited and looking forward to learning with you at Sophia.

  • Research Interests and Teaching Areas

    Educational Theory and Schooling

  • Selected Works