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The Knot-SPSF-

Sophia University researchers link solutions to the global challenges we face, including the climate change crisis, conflict and violence, and the rapid shifts brought about by advances in information technology. We will take a closer look at their research, the source of Sophia’s wisdom and the “nexus” that connects us to the world.
You can see the SPSF Professors’ headlines on this page.
Searching for ways to grow companies and develop industries in developing countriesEconomicsHIGUCHI, Yuki
Exploring links between human psychology and economics—finding how to revitalize JapanEconomicsKAWANISHI, Satoshi 
Using satellite data to check how international aid is overcoming social challengesEconomicsKURATA, Masamitsu
Economic viewpoints for an interconnected world—Can trade solve environmental issues?EconomicsYOMOGIDA, Morihiro
An inquiry into socially just public educationEducationSAWADA, Minoru
Dialogue to create learning environments that nurture children’s thinking and decision-makingEducationUENO, Masamichi 
Mechanism of Riots seen from India’s Communal ViolenceGlobal StudiesAUGUSTINE, Sali
Coffee Farmers in Timor-Leste Make Us Question the Meaning of WealthGlobal StudiesFUKUTAKE, Shintaro
The importance of fieldwork in comparative politicsGlobal StudiesKISHIKAWA, Takeshi 
Observing World Politics Through the Lens of ConflictGlobal StudiesKOBAYASHI, Ayako 
Finding out the History of Angkor from Archaeology and Oral HistoryGlobal StudiesMARUI, Masako
Toward a world without wars—Political systems that maintain peace in multiethnic nationsGlobal StudiesNAKAUCHI, Masataka
Are women in the Middle East mere victims of patriarchy? Examining gender from a multi-faceted perspectiveGlobal StudiesTSUJIGAMI, Namie
Uncovering the history of public relations, from the lithographs of Ancient Rome to the social media of todayJournalismKUNIEDA, Tomoki
Traditional cultural and creative industries of Japan and the journey of discoveryManagementJOHNS, Adam
Consumer psychology helps us build corporate strategies and solve consumer problemsManagementSUGITANI, Yoko 
The power of senses: Using sensory marketing to promote sustainable consumptionManagementTOGAWA, Taku
Japan’s challenges in finding the path to happiness and well-beingSociologyHOMMERICH, Carola 
Status and identity of Japanese workers from the perspective of social inequalitySociologyIMAI, Jun 
Ensuring the coal industry’s relevance in modern timesSociologyNAKAZAWA, Hideo
The power of social movements and the 1960 Anpo ProtestsSociologySARUYA, Hiroe
Community and family, tradition and change—A sociological approach to society’s dilemmasSociologyTABUCHI, Rokuro